Allan Webster

Allan has been involved in the music industry for  60  years, and his involvement began as a teenager in England during the 60’s, playing at the same venues in Liverpool as the Beatles, Gerry & the Pacemakers and The Searchers.  He immigrated to Australia in 1964, and formed a band, “The Road Runners”, playing with a typical “Mersey Sound” and they soon became very popular in South Australia and especially Adelaide.  Other bands emerged over the years and they supported many visiting national and international artists, such as John Farnham, Marcia Hines and Freddy & the Dreamers.  In 1977 Allan and his young family moved to Millicent, in the south east of South Australia, where he continued on with his music.

Swapping the old “Mersey sound” for a country twang in the mid 90’s proved to be a wise career move for Allan and in the last 20 years he has become a very successful solo country music artist, providing him with the opportunity to travel both interstate and overseas, where he features at many festivals and clubs.

 Allan has recorded 4 albums, all receiving National and International air-play, with positive feed-back., and has now “Sold Out” ,

A new album titled, “Last Of” was released in July last year and contains 14 tracks and has already received favourable comments.

 Allan makes every effort to keep live music happening, whether it be as a solo artist, or working with a full band, and especially enjoys working with his “Country Gentlemen” Band, with Henry Czerwonka on lead guitar, Drew Holliday on Bass and Nevin Skurray on drums.

His intention was to retire from the music scene several years ago but he has been busier than ever since that decision, and now has bookings into 2020/2021

 Singing country comes naturally to Allan and he always receives favourable comments regarding his performances, and when he takes to the stage he brings a depth of musical feeling that has entertained audiences around Australia and beyond.   He sometimes likes to throw in a little humour, but still remains professional in his attitude. He has a dynamic voice and an energetic  stage presence and is able to keep his audiences attention, and on the dance floor.

More details and samples of music can be obtained from his website, and he is also on facebook.(Allan Webster Millicent. Country Music)