Kylie Moss

Time table for Kylie Moss

Day Lineup No Time Slot Venue
Friday 6 10:15-11:00 KINGSGATE AUTOLODGE
Saturday 8 6:00-6:45 COPTHORNE RESORT
Sunday 1 12:00-12:45 PAIHIA EX-SERVICEMEN'S CLUB
Sunday 4 3:00-3:45 PAIHIA SPORTS BAR

Where do you begin to describe a person who has performed in the music industry for over 20 years and still continues to evolve into a bigger and better artist……
Well Kylie Moss is certainly one of those people; she began performing as a teenager on the Darling downs of Queensland, Australia, and hasn’t looked back.

Over the years Kylie has been involved in a variety of successful bands/duos and has also paved her way in her own right as a much loved solo artist. Her debut album ‘Nobody Don’t’ reached airplay both in Australia and overseas and received great reviews through many avenues of media.

Kylie is very excited to return to Paihia this year with a brand new show! She has put together a mix of classic country tunes and bluegrass that will please any audience.

“Coming back to Paihia to me is about spending time with the special friends we have made and to create new friendships. I also get to work with such great musicians as Athol, Jeff, John, and Lindy from NZ and Dale from Australia. This year I wanted to show people what makes me tick as a musician so I have put together a show of my favourite classic tunes, writers and styles. It’s a show the audience can sit back, relax, and sing along. ”

So if you’re looking for a very entertaining show you can check Kylie out at various venues over the weekend.