Mahora & Billy - Maori Volcanics

Mahora and Billy are a husband-and-wife duo who have spent most of the lives on the international circuit and living between Australia and Las Vegas (USA). They returned to live and work in Las Vegas in 2011 then returned to Aotearoa 2015 where they have now settled back in Whangarei/Northland.

They formed their famous MAORI VOLCANICS SHOWBAND and are touring N Z and are expected to return to Las Vegas in 2018 to perform.

This talented husband wife Duo have "many" years of entertaining and making music between them which shows in their vocal capacity and choice of repoitre from the 60s 70s 80s country, latino, pacific Island, old time, swing, rock music to present day they perform all styles to suit their audiences of any age.

With their Showband the Maori Volcanics they toured globally for 20 years and have 53 Countries to their credit: / You tube Mahora or Billy Peters. 

Billy is a super talented guitarist and Ukulele exponent of the highest order, with Mahora adding her captivating vocal talents from Ella Fitzgerald jazz styling to the present popular singers of day, she adds her musical talents on the bass guitar and  percussion.

Mahora and Billy lived and worked in the USA during the 60s 70s & 80s and also worked the Playboy Circuit then returned to the scene after being "Downunder" Australia where they owned and operated 2 large Theatre Restaurants "The Hula Hut" and the "Beachcomber Island".

Time has not dulled or nullified their talents to bring to their public a listening experience of harmonic sounds and musical talents. 

Mahora and is also a talented film script writer with three of her feature films under option. She sings in several languages including Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian and Spanish. 

Mahora has written two Maori songs  “HUI MAI TATOU & IRIRANGI which have been funded and sponsored by Te Mangai Paho. The Peters will be touring the country promoting them

During their time in Las Vegas, the Peters became renowned for their contributions towards the people less fortunate (homeless, war veterans) and because of their high profile Mahora was approached to represent New Zealand in the esteemed  “Mrs Senior New Zealand” pageant with a lineup of high profile (over 60 yr olds) in Oct of 2018 in Las Vegas. If she wins,the title of “Mrs Senior World” this will be another of Mahora's very long list of achievements.