Glyn Tucker

Singer/Guitarist Glyn Tucker is perhaps better known as Glyn Tucker Jnr, record producer and owner of Mandrill Studios through the 70's and 80's.

Glyn is now back to his roots; playing and entertaining audiences everywhere.

He was just 13 and playing violin in the school orchestra when rock'n'roll caught hold of him; Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Elvis et al. He threw down his violin and went out a got an old beat up guitar and a book of chords, an thus began a 50 year career in music, that has recently developed into a new chapter. With his first shot at retirement Glyn found the time to revisit his early career as lead singer with The Gremlins, (1966 hit “The Coming Generation”) and re-discover his voice and entertaining flair.

During the 21 years at Mandrill as a record producer of mostly original music, he rarely spent much time playing covers of other songs; but he in recent times has been on a mission to identify and perform the very best of the best music of the 50's, 60's and 70's, from Neil Diamond love songs, to Travelling Wilbury's country-rock-pop; with a pinch of Dire Straits, Cat Stevens, JJ Cale, and a tinny bit of Willie Nelson or Neil Young, with a drop of Kinks; and perhaps a Lovin' Spoonful for desert... Glyn has an exciting recipe for a good time prepared for you. A MUST SEE!

Being his first appearance at the Bay of Islands Country Rock Festival he is looking forward to strutting his stuff for old and new fans alike.