Time table for Shavonne

Day Lineup No Time Slot Venue
Friday 1 6:00-6:30 KINGSGATE AUTOLODGE
Saturday 9 7:00-7:45 COPTHORNE RESORT
Sunday 1 12:00-12:45 COPTHORNE RESORT

My name is shavonne, I am 28 years old. I was born in Melbourne Australia. I grew up in South Africa. I grew up in a musical family that listens to all genres but traditional country appeals to me the most. My family and I moved to NZ in 2006 and we moved to Auckland from Christchurch after the 2nd big earthquake in 2011.

Always had a passion for country music. My aim is to try and reinstate the lost traditional country sound. There are 4 original songs on this album Life's reflections - written by me Fiddles and wine If you're gonna leave me Ice in my glass - these 3 were written by Terry Stephenson of Texas. my main songwriters are Mike Jones and Jerry Jake Howard of the USA. they have penned great songs such as: reflections of a fool, Someday, our old favourite song, I'll love you more and more, the girl I used to be and we have lots more to come!!

My music is produced and arranged by the extremely talented Mike McCarthy at Manuka Studios in orewa in Auckland. I am over the moon to be at this point after just completing the album, getting positive feedback from the public, as I have had numerous rejections in the music circles. I am now receiving international airplay thanks to great promoter friends and wonderful DJs. A few months back on the top 200 international mainstream country airplay chart, compiled by Joyce Ramgatie of the Netherlands, saw me ranked at number 1 of 200 and no 8 on the top 40 singles with "no one will ever know ", only after 3 weeks of completing the album: my own peculiar way. 

Hoping that this is a good start and hopefully it will be the beginnings of a very long and enjoyable career in the music industry. My aim is to be recognised as a traditional country artist who arose from New Zealand and who helped put New Zealand on the global map for this genre, which I feel is lagging behind other genres at this time. Even though I do covers, I put my own spin on them to create a unique sound, to which I feel I do have. Do hope my music reaches and touches my listeners.