The Toner Sisters


Lynne, Celine & Adrienne



Together professionally, for the first time ever, these ladies are ready to WOW you with their wonderful harmonies and infectious stage presence. BIG VOCALS! HUGE SOUND!

The Toner Sisters were raised on Country Music performing with mum and dad as THE TONER FAMILY. They each eventually took their craft in other directions and each has had amazing musical careers.  Long-time admirers of one another’s work, Lynne, Celine and Adrienne have finally come FULL CIRCLE, together in a collaboration that both excites them and rejuvenatestheir interest in Country Music. Together they will perform songs that shaped their lives and brought them to where they are today. Songs that are so tender and sweet they will give you goose bumps, paired with songs that will leave you wanting more. Their charming ‘onstage antics’ and sisterly love will leave you feeling very much part of The Toner Family.                                              

Lynne was the first ever winner of the NZCMA Entertainer of the Year and NZ representative on ‘Singer For Asia’ in Hong Kong, Celine has been a guest of the late George Hamilton IV on the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville Tennessee and invited to perform again at Nashville’s International Fanfare. Youngest sister, Adrienne was the youngest ever performer to appear on ‘That’s Country’ setting her on a musical path that has seen her perform on various Shows and Tours to the present day.

Together, their list of achievements in Country Music is second to none. Each has won major awards around the country and each has entertained on national television shows over the years.  Collectively they have opened for acts such as Ricky Scaggs, Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Bros, Kenny Rogers, George Hamilton IV, Freddy Fender and many more. Each has toured nationally with various NZ Country Stars as well as Celine performing at numerous international music events throughout the US, Australia and Asia/China.


The Toner sisters FULL CIRCLE - Take a piece of them home with you in their brand new EP ‘Full Circle...The Acoustic Session’